Welcome to the British Early Years Centre.

We are a small, safe and secure Early Years setting in the Aree / Saphan Kwai area of Bangkok, that follows the British Foundation Stage Curriculum delivered through a fantastic play based curriculum by a qualified team of British Teachers and English speaking staff. We offer an extremely effective and balanced curriculum delivered through play and ‘party’ style activities, by a very caring, qualified and effective team of teaching staff.

With a strong belief in the importance of healthy food we not only offer a nutrient rich menu which has been selected for its benefits to children's health and learning but be are now 100% ORGANIC! We give our children the knowledge to be able to make healthy and ethical decisions as they become more independent. Exciting and popular topics allow the children to achieve their very best.  
Our success is attributed to having high expectations of all our children. Our kids are capable of so much more than most of us think. Yes, the Early Years should be about creativity, discovery and play, but when learning is completely integrated into play, children are able to achieve an incredible amount.
the Early Years should be about creativity
We offer a 100% Organic menu to our children. All ingredients from the Rock Salt to the Raw Forest Honey.

As well as choosing the most beneficial ingredients for memory, concentration and health we also serve super foods with lunches and snacks and teach the kids about their benefits.

To find out more about our Organic Menu click here.
10 Reasons to choose BEYC 
  • 100% Organic with a Gluten Free Option
  • Qualified British Teachers
  • Transparent and Honest
  • Natural and non toxic Cleaning Products
  • Effective Play Based Curriculum
  • British Run
  • Ethical and Progressive Topics
  • Salt Water Swimming Pool
  • Excellent Teaching Support
  • Online resources and e-book library

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